Underlying surfaces visible through the paint film, most frequently in hard to spray areas, on lower panels or on sharp edges and contours.


Inadequate thickness or poor covering power of the colour coat.

This is frequently due to:

  1. Poor spraying technique.
  2. Inadequate lighting, insufficient or cramped working space, inaccessibility of surfaces.
  3. Poor mixing of materials.
  4. Reduced thickness of the colour coat due to excessive compounding and polishing.



  1. Use the correct spraying technique, ensure even and adequate film thickness.
  2. Work under good lighting conditions in a properly sized spray booth, pay special attention to inaccessible areas.
  3. Ensure that the materials are thoroughly mixed.
  4. Avoid excessive compounding and polishing.
  5. Take special care on edges and sharp contours.



Flatten the affected area and repaint.